Learn Feng Shui Programme
Advanced Module 8 – Flying Stars…

Jon believes that Flying Stars takes up 10 – 15% of all Feng Shui and in this module you’ll be shown the approach that Jon uses. You’ll discover how to calculate the really “hot” areas of a property’s floor plan, which can be enhanced for success and also to look for those areas that can be a bit “sticky” that might need calming down.

There are many different schools of Flying Stars and it is important not to be overwhelmed by the information but to get straight to the core of the subject. Jon has developed a really easy and quick template to this fascinating subject that takes the majority of the maths and calculations out of it. This allows you to concentrate your creativity on finding the “hot” spots in your home that you can activate simply and easily.


Simply click on the video below to start it playing and remember to click the full screen button…









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