About Jon Sandifer

Feng Shui Expert, Author of 9 Books and Creator of The Learn Feng Shui Programme
17 March 1953 – 15 September 2012

The late Jon Sandifer had over 35 years’ experience in Eastern healing traditions which include Feng Shui, the I Ching, the 9 Stars, Shiatsu, Macrobiotics, Face Reading and Acupressure. Jon was one of the leading exponents of Feng Shui in the UK and Chaired the Feng Shui Society until 2002. Jon taught and lectured on Feng Shui and its related astrologies in 16 different countries since 1980 and was one of the speakers at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th International Feng Shui Conferences in the USA. He’s the author of nine books including Feng Shui For Life, I Ching Astrology, Feng Shui Astrology, The Authentic I Ching and Learn Feng Shui.

Jon has taught and graduated more than 90 potential Feng Shui Practitioners through his professional Feng Shui training in the UK and Europe. Jon moved into online teaching videos just before his passing and brought a new method and approach to teaching Feng Shui that has rarely been used so far and continues to receive fantastic testimonials from those that follow the course

About Theo van Dort

Theo van Dort is an entrepreneur, presenter and owner of Inclusive Video and Flair New Media and was co-founder of retail television channel Gems TV.

Theo knew Jon as a friend and consultant for over twenty years and has never bought a home or business premises without using Jon’s Feng Shui skills to ensure that the property was right or could be adjusted to be optimally supportive.

Theo has taken Jon’s depth of knowledge, insights and materials and converted them into the Learn Feng Shui Programme home study e-learning course that you have the opportunity to study at your own pace, for an unlimited time, in the comfort of your own home. You will learn alongside Theo as Jon teaches him all the techniques needed to become proficient yourself, with Theo asking Jon questions that you would want to ask.