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Your Risk Reversal Money Back Guarantee sounds too good to be true! Is it?

Absolutely not! The team are so confident that you are going to be amazed at the value and amount of information you receive and the benefit of Jon’s years of experience, that if you aren’t delighted for any reason – or for no reason at all – simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll receive a full and unconditional refund of your money – guaranteed. No questions asked. Obviously, we’d like feedback so we can improve, but if you’d prefer not to tell us, then that’s fine too!

We are also please to say that since the course went online in November 2011, we have NEVER had a request for a refund as if you read the testimonials page, people love the course, the content and the fun, innovative style of sharing this fascinating subject with you.

What are the postage/shipping costs?

The course is completely digital so once you have paid, you download supplemental handouts and access all video modules online. That’s why you get immediate access. No waiting around for a package to arrive! See question below for more information.

I’ve ordered and not received any DVDs yet?

The entire course is available to you online which is one of the reasons we can afford to offer it at this price. If we had the costs of duplicating discs and holding stock etc, we would not be able to sell for such a low price. Plus, this way it allows anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection to take the course. You are able to watch every video in the Foundation and/or Advanced Modules (depending on which you purchase) on the website and download and/or print off the course notes. You can also take the Foundation Quiz and/or the Advanced Knowledge Assessment and print off your certificates so long as you score 80% or more.

What access will I have to the modules when I purchase?

Once you purchase, you will set up a unique login and password to the site. You can login through the dedicated login page or through the Member Login link at the top of the learnfengshui homepage. This will give you unlimited and non-expiring access to all the modules in the course you have purchased, including access to all downloadable PDF supplemental notes.

Is the Learn Feng Shui e-book included in the price?

Yes, this is downloadable from the welcome page which you will see as soon as you login.

How long are the modules?

It depends on the complexity of the subject! As a rough guide:
Foundation Course – modules vary in length from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.
Advanced Course – modules vary between 60 and 180 minutes subdivided into between three and ten parts to aid “bite-size” e-Learning.

When you purchase the “Combined Course” you get access to over 22 hours of content, to watch and digest at your own pace. It’s incredible value for money!

Are there exams/test to take and will I get a certificate?

Once you complete the 6 Foundation Course Modules there is a 30 question “quiz” so you can check how much you have learnt. If you get 24 or more out of 30, you pass and can print a certificate. You can take the quiz up to 3 times.

The Advanced Course is 10+2 modules and after those there is an 80 question multiple choice Knowledge Assessment in which you need to score 80% or more and then you can print your certificate. This can also be taken up to 3 times.

I did my Foundation Course somewhere else, can I go straight to the Advanced Course?

While we respect your previous studies and teachers, you are advised to take the Foundation Course because it is back referenced several times in the Advanced Course and then you can be sure that you have covered all the subjects that are pertinent to your ongoing studies.

Can you tell me whether the advanced course would qualify as practitioner certified training with the FSS?

To Become an Accredited Practitioner:

1. First step is to follow the e-Learning Feng Shui Society Approved Foundation Course, which you can study online and work on in your own time, at your own pace.

2. The Advanced Module has been recorded using new technology and this will be available for you to study as an online e-Learning course from November 2011. There are supplemental hand-outs and online assessments that accompany the course and you will cover:

• Advanced Feng Shui Introduction
• Advanced Form School
• Compass School
• Flying Stars
• Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology)
• I-Ching
• 9 Star Astrology (I-Ching Astrology)
• Lo Pan
• Site visit case studies
• Two special bonus modules

3. To study Feng Shui up to a professional level, the course needs to be at least semi-attendance. Following Jon Sandifer’s death in September 2012,  the team are working on alternative teachers for an attendance module. Jon did contact The Feng Shui Society and we are hopeful that this course will become a Feng Shui Society Semi-Attendance Accredited Course for Practitioner Training. This means that having completed the Foundation and Advanced Modules successfully, you will have the opportunity to come to and study on an Attendance Module. We will deliver the Attendance Module in multiple countries as demand dictates.

Included in the 5 day Attendance Module:
• dowsing
• space-clearing
• technopathic stress
• two special methods not taught in e-Learning modules
• Q&A Session
• site visit
• 1 to 1 session

Cost for attendance module will be announced.

4. Accreditation is always at the discretion of The Feng Shui Society. Once you have completed the Foundation and Advanced modules on an e-Learning basis, have attended the five-day Attendance Module, and completed all set coursework successfully, you will be able to apply to The Feng Shui Society to become an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant. The team will be able to guide you and explain to you through the process to make this as clear as possible.

I have seen many different forms of feng shui, flying star, black hat, form, etc. What is the difference between them and which one is the best for a lay person to understand. I want to use feng shui for myself not to become a consultant?

This is a great question which Jon was asked frequently. There are very many systems and schools of Feng Shui as well as books, courses and seminars. For a beginner it can often seem confusing and even contradictory. From Jon’s many years of experience and of travelling within the Feng Shui world from New Zealand to the Far East through Europe and North America, these are insights he would share:

All the different schools and approaches of Feng Shui use as a basis landscape or Form School Feng Shui. This takes into account not just the landscape and surrounding areas but also the form inside of the property. This also covers avoiding cutting Chi , not sleeping under skylights and all the basics. From Jon’s point of view, this aspect of Feng Shui needs to be about 60% of the picture. He continually emphasises this on our course.

As you then look at different schools and approaches, the deeper you delve in you will find that there is what Jon called a “lineage”. The author or the school will have a particular connection with a teacher or perhaps a school or a Master. This comes out in their unique approach. No one is right and no one is wrong. As a student or someone who is simply curious, you need to find what resonates with you. What Jon loved about the Learn Feng Shui course is that he shows you what he had found that works and what had resonated with him. It comes across in his words and in his practise.

In the area of detail then Jon does use what is called the Ba Gua. However, he had always been taught to orientate it according to the compass. He also used the Ba Gua as the basis of the Flying Star modules and also the 9 Star Astrology modules. But all are compass-orientated. Jon used to work years ago as a deck hand on ships aged 18 in the Indian Ocean and would quite often be asked to take the helm. Later in his life he also got a navigation certificate for sailing. In essence, Jon understood a compass and its value in getting you accurately from A to B with the minimum fuss or danger.

Jon was not that familiar with Black Hat Feng Shui. That is much more popular in the USA. At the schools and the conferences in the USA that Jon attended and spoke at, he had met many BTB practitioners. He even met the late Professor Lin Yun on several occasions and greatly admired his presence and Chi. But Jon would always stress this was not his approach to Feng Shui and in all his experience he had never seen it practised anywhere except for in the USA.

Do remember Jon’s favourite Feng Shui mantra! One third common sense. One third intuition. One third Feng Shui.

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