A Life-Changing Home Study Feng Shui Experience…And You’re Invited To Join…

Jon Sandifer, Creator,
Learn Feng Shui Programme


“The Learn Feng Shui Programme”
by Jon Sandifer

Offers you the opportunity to:
      • Learn about Feng Shui for yourself, your family and your friends
      • Continue on this path to earn an income by becoming a practitioner (should you wish to do so!)
      • Study at home in your own time and at your own pace
      • Benefit from being taught by a world renowned expert, author, consultant and teacher who has has already inspired thousands of people worldwide
The Learn Feng Shui Programme is IDEAL for you if:
      • You want to study by following a unique presentation style coupled with a proven easy learning formula
      • You are looking to learn about Feng Shui or how to Feng Shui your space
      • You want to have Feng Shui training you can implement into your day-to-day life, for maximum positive effect…
      • You want to plan your home and/or office according to authentic Feng Shui principles (regardless of your location worldwide), and attract positive energy flow into it…
      • You are seeking a practical Feng Shui programme from Jon Sandifer, a world-renowned expert (packed with life-enhancing Feng Shui tips, using all the key Feng Shui elements in an appropriate manner).
      • Want to improve your relationships with others
      • Want to learn how to optimise your living and work environments so they work with you, rather than against you
      • Want to quickly and easily learn the practical skills, processes and knowledge that Jon will share with you
      • Want to know that there is absolutely no risk to you, as you are fully backed up by our non conditional money back guarantee
A message to you from Jon’s business partner Theo…

Hello there!

Thank you for taking time to read about the Learn Feng Shui Programme. My name is Theo van Dort, and I am an entrepreneur with a background in media. I’ve known Jon for almost 20 years, have seen first-hand the tremendous impact his courses, books and consultations have on his clients, and I have never bought a property or rented new premises for my businesses without approaching Jon.  Nor indeed have the majority of my friends, colleagues and family. I am a true advocate of his!

Jon approached me to film and produce his Feng Shui courses. We decided to that the very best way for you to learn, would be if Jon was to teach you and me at the same time in a virtual classroom with specially prepared materials which you will have unlimited access to. We’ve used my film crew to professionally record this personal learning experience so you can learn alongside me while I ask the questions that I think you are likely to want to know the answers to. The result is that you become the third student and I am your co-learner so we go on the journey together.

Remember, Jon has taught Feng Shui for over 34 years and you will have the benefit of his experience, anecdotes and stories, which help to make your learning experience both fun and informative. Jon has a wonderful repertoire that brings the material alive which kept me entertained as we filmed for over 3 weeks!

To keep it as simple as possible we are offering you two options.

Option 1: The Introductory e-Learning Home Study Foundation Course in Feng Shui (which has been approved by the Feng Shui Society).

Option 2: The Combined Introductory and Advanced e-Learning Home Study Course in Feng Shui if you want to have access to all the e-learning modules, want to take your studies further or wish to work towards becoming a practitioner. Plus, you’ll save £100 by purchasing both together!

Please click the “Courses” link above to find out which one is most suitable for you.

With very best wishes,

Theo signature
Theo van Dort