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“The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course”
by Jon Sandifer


(Advanced and Attendance Courses coming soon!)

Offers you the opportunity to:
      • Learn about Feng Shui for yourself, your family and your friends
      • Continue on this path to earn an income by becoming a practitioner (should you wish to do so!)
      • Study at home in your own time and at your own pace
      • Benefit from being taught by a world renowned expert, author, consultant and teacher who has has already inspired thousands of people worldwide
The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course
is IDEAL for you if:
      • You want to study by following a unique presentation style coupled with a proven easy learning formula
      • You are looking to learn about Feng Shui or how to Feng Shui your space
      • You want to have Feng Shui training you can implement into your day-to-day life, for maximum positive effect…
      • You want to plan your home and/or office according to authentic Feng Shui principles (regardless of your location worldwide), and attract positive energy flow into it…
      • You are seeking a practical Feng Shui programme from Jon Sandifer, a world-renowned expert (packed with life-enhancing Feng Shui tips, using all the key Feng Shui elements in an appropriate manner)
      • Want to improve your relationships with others
      • Want to learn how to optimise your living and work environments so they work with you, rather than against you
      • Want to quickly and easily learn the practical skills, processes and knowledge that Jon will share with you
      • Want to know that there is absolutely no risk to you, as you are fully backed up by our non conditional money back guarantee
A message to you from Jon’s business partner Theo…

Hello there!

Thank you for taking time to read about the Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course. My name is Theo van Dort, and I am an entrepreneur with a background in media. I’ve known Jon for almost 20 years, have seen first-hand the tremendous impact his courses, books and consultations have on his clients, and I have never bought a property or rented new premises for my businesses without approaching Jon.  Nor indeed have the majority of my friends, colleagues and family. I am a true advocate of his!

Jon approached me to film and produce his Feng Shui courses. We decided to that the very best way for you to learn, would be if Jon was to teach you and me at the same time in a virtual classroom with specially prepared materials which you will have unlimited access to. We’ve used my film crew to professionally record this personal learning experience so you can learn alongside me while I ask the questions that I think you are likely to want to know the answers to. The result is that you become the third student and I am your co-learner so we go on the journey together.

Remember, Jon has taught Feng Shui for over 34 years and you will have the benefit of his experience, anecdotes and stories, which help to make your learning experience both fun and informative.

And, remember that this course has been approved too!

With very best wishes,
Theo signature
Theo van Dort
ps. For your extra peace of mind, we are a member of HONESTeONLINE.

The Learn Feng Shui Programme
Foundation Course

A fully interactive course and guide you can watch, read and listen to as many times as you like, for an unlimited time with online modules, a companion e-book and bonus guide.

Watch and learn as the third student with Theo as your co-learner, while Jon gives a comprehensive grounding in Feng Shui’s core principles. The Foundation Course is ideal for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of Feng Shui. It covers all the ‘need to know’ basics of this ancient Chinese system.

About Jon Sandifer

Jon Sandifer has over 34 years’ experience in Eastern healing traditions including Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki, shiatsu, macrobiotics, oriental diagnosis and acupressure.

Jon studied Feng Shui Astrology in 1977, Landscape Feng Shui in 1990 and Classical Chinese Compass Feng Shui in the past 18 years.

He is one of the leading exponents of Feng Shui in the UK, has appeared in numerous press articles and TV and radio shows (including the BBC’s ‘Haunted House’ programme), and in 2002 the Feng Shui Society made him a Life Fellow in recognition of his services to them.

Jon lectures on Feng Shui and Feng Shui astrology throughout the United Kingdom and USA, and was a speaker at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th International Feng Shui Conferences in the USA.

Since 1996 he has published nine books including Feng Shui (Piatkus Guides) and Feng Shui for Life: Mastering the Dynamics between Your Inner World and outside Environment, and until 2002 was Chairman of the Feng Shui Society (UK), responsible for setting up a code of ethics and educational standards for feng shui practitioners in the UK.

Here’s what you’ll have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to so you can start learning today…


Module 1

In this section, you’ll discover the origins of Feng Shui, as Jon shares his detailed explanation of exactly what it means, the power of yin and yang, the 5 elements of Feng Shui, the Trigrams of the I Ching, Jon’s unique ‘One Third Principle’ and how Feng Shui is as relevant today as it was over 2,000 years ago.

Whether you practise Feng Shui, martial arts or Chinese medicine, the same basic principles apply: how to prevent problems from occurring, how to bring stability and harmony into play, and how to strengthen any inherent weaknesses.

This comprehensive introduction ensures you can get rid of these problems and replace them with positive chi in each area of your life.

Module 2

The key to Feng Shui is understanding its different ‘schools’.

‘Form’ is the oldest school of Feng Shui and was traditionally used to locate the most favourable locations for what are known as ‘yin dwellings’ (burial sites) or ‘yang dwellings’ (homes).

In this section, Jon reveals what surrounds your home or business property to support it, and how to rectify or cure any missing Feng Shui elements, with plenty of examples of Form School in practice to make it very easy to understand.

Module 3

In this module you’ll be shown how to map out any property using one of 3 simple techniques, and how to use a compass to ascertain the direction of the property.

The purpose of Compass School Feng Shui is to show the occupants of a dwelling how to locate and then stimulate and use the most auspicious ‘sectors’ of their home.

Really valuable information and saves YOU the time and money that it would otherwise cost to bring in a professional.

You can find out how to plan your home according to Feng Shui principles, including the bedroom, or your kitchen, or even your office…

Module 4


In this section, Jon focuses on how to use your new floor plan, and break a property down into sectors whilst gaining a greater understanding of what each of those sectors means. He shows you how to align each sector according to the correct compass direction.

You’ll also have the opportunity to superimpose the bagua grid over the floor plan of your entire home, business premises, or each individual room.

Module 5


In this section, you’ll see Jon and Theo carrying out a live consultation at a house using all the skills Jon has shared with you so far, including a recap of everything you’ve discovered in the introductory modules.

Watch and observe Jon while he discusses the clients needs; look over Theo’s shoulder as he draws up an accurate scale floorplan of the client’s house and then join Jon, Theo and the client for the property survery and consultation with Jon giving his assessment and feedback. A truly unique experience!

Module 6

The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course also gives you insights into the lives of five of Jon’s students, who hired him to help them, applied his teachings, and enjoyed numerous positive results.

Any one of Jon’s powerful techniques has the capacity to unleash the power of Feng Shui into your world, and change your life for the better.

So imagine what would happen if you used several of them at once…

Once you have reached Module 6, you’ll be amazed at how much you have learned and you will be able to following the principles revealed in The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course, to make yourself more comfortable in your home and work environments.

Jon also gives a teaser as to the incredible information he teaches in the Advanced Course.

If you’re not delighted with The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course for any reason – or for no reason at all – simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll receive a full and unconditional refund of your money – guaranteed. No questions asked.

Is Your Journey To Learn About Feng Shui Worth 13p A Day To You?

If you want to learn about Feng Shui, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to follow in the footsteps of thousands of other people worldwide who’ve taken Jon’s advice, and made a huge positive difference to their lives.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you. You’ve seen some of the testimonials from Jon’s clients (which are available by clicking on the link at the top of this page). You risk nothing, and you’ve everything to gain by trying Jon’s Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course.

Remember. The instant you make a decision, you create your future in advance. All you have to do is try it. We guarantee you’ll learn and enjoy it…

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P.P.S. You’re also fully covered by Jon’s money-back guarantee. If you’re not delighted with The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course for any reason – or for no reason at all – simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll receive a full and unconditional refund of your money – guaranteed. No questions asked.

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Plus, when you order today, you also receive a FREE Bonus Copy of Jon’s downloadable Bonus Guide, The Home Buyers Guide To Using Feng Shui.

Plus, Claim your FREE Bonus Guide when you order today…

Moving into a new house – together with becoming a parent or overcoming a life-threatening illness – is perhaps the most important decision of your life, and probably the biggest investment of time, effort and money you’ll ever make.

And from a Feng Shui perspective (and for your long-term happiness), it’s absolutely vital you get this right.

So when you receive your copy of The Learn Feng Shui Programme Foundation Course, and to help you still further when making this crucial decision, you’ll also receive a FREE Bonus Copy of Jon Sandifer’s handbook,  Home Buyers Guide Using Feng Shui.

The Home Buyers Guide Using Feng Shui is your practical tool for helping you make this most important of life decisions with all the facts at your fingertips, and includes…

  • Jon’s 3-point principle (which you must use during the decision-making process (INCLUDES: what these principles are, why they’re so important to consider, and how they can affect your overall buying decision…)
  • What to look for (and hook up with) in the HISTORY of your property (HINT: the ‘clues’ are already there…)
  • How the principles of the ‘form school’ of Feng Shui really can apply in any given situation (and help you make the best choice of house…)
  • The FOUR important ‘form school’ categories to be aware of(and how each one interlinks to categorise EVERY area of your potential new property).
  • And much, much more…

Have a look at the testimonials from Jon’s clients and colleagues who decided to take a chance, embrace Jon’s teachings, and were richly rewarded…


‘…Any major decisions in my life are only implemented once I have consulted him….’

I’m a mother with four lively young children and a husband who frequently travels abroad. We live in a large house surrounded by land in rural Essex. I asked Jon to look at the plans of our extension proposals and whether the acquisition of neighbouring land would be useful or not to our property.

Jon spent several hours at my home looking at the surrounding land and discussing my concerns and all the possibilities that my husband and I had regarding changes. He spent a lot of time engrossed in what looked like complicated calculations and at the end sat us down to explain what he’d discovered.

From my limited knowledge of Feng Shui, I was curious and open to see what he suggested. A lot of the advice he gave us was practical and common sense. For example, he pointed out that the position of our outdoor temporary swimming pool was actually in a position that could make me feel drained or isolated or cut off. He suggested a relocation of the pool which we did. He also helped in great detail to choose the design, the layout and suggest colours for the new proposed kitchen.

I have to admit I feel a lot more secure and comfortable in our newly refurbished home.

There are still issues I am dealing with, but I feel confident that I understand more of the process. What I found intriguing and extremely useful was his take and understanding of my children and my relationship with them. He’s helped me enormously in understanding where my teenage daughter is at present in her life and how best to relate to her. Any major decisions in my life are only implemented once I have consulted him. I am not necessarily a huge believer in Feng Shui, but it seems to work.

Angela E., Hertfordshire

‘…Jon is amazingly caring and considerate and very reliable…’

“My husband and I are both broadcasters and we have two small children and live in a quiet, new development on the outskirts of Oxford.

I already knew a fair amount about Feng Shui from reading books and attending a few courses. When we moved into our new home, I wanted someone who knew their Feng Shui and who I knew I could trust to evaluate our home and give us suggestions before we redecorated.

Jon asked us in advance for a scale floor plan of our new home, which we provided, along with our dates of birth. What we both found very helpful was his interpretation of our Stars using 9 Star Ki astrology. It was enormously helpful in understanding where we were in terms of our career at that time and what the possibilities looked like.

Using the Luo Pan compass and his formulas, Jon was able to pick up the strong areas of chi within the property and suggest how to tone down areas that were not so supportive. Since I knew a little bit about Five Elements, I found it fascinating. Suggestions were mainly related to colour and the usage of different parts of the property. He also discovered the corner of an adjacent building that was ‘attacking’ our back door and suggested we planted a shrub to hide this undermining influence. He also felt very strongly that since we lived at the far end of a cul-de-sac that we needed to bring the chi straight to our front door and we have achieved this by building a path directly to our property from the road.

Since his first visit we now have another child and my husband’s career is going from strength to strength and we love our new home. Jon is amazingly caring and considerate and very reliable. It is always good to know that he is there at the end of the phone if we ever need advice. I can highly recommend him to anyone.”

Janice, Oxfordshire

‘…I was so impressed with his sincerity, integrity and diligence to detail that I recommended him to both my brother and my son for a consultation…’

“I work in the City as the manager of an employment bureau and my husband works in local government. We first met Jon seven years ago, when he came to our home in West London to survey our home and give us advice.

We both learnt a lot about Feng Shui during his visit. Both of us were under the impression, in those days, that it was simply a matter of locating your wealth or health area! Jon opened our eyes to a whole different approach to Feng Shui. He identified strong and weak areas in the property and suggested simple, yet effective ways to bring about change. He was also extremely accurate in his interpretation of our dates of birth through a system of astrology that he uses called 9 Star Ki.

I was so impressed with his sincerity, integrity and diligence to detail that I recommended him to both my brother and my son for a consultation. In both cases (although I was not present) I received brilliant feedback from them. More recently, when John and I moved to our new home in Essex, he came literally days after we moved in. He was able to survey the home and garden and surrounding areas and give us feedback. He loved the property and showed us how to enhance its strengths.

However, a year later we were still not 100% happy with our home. Money was coming in and going out just as quickly. I gave Jon a call and he was able to arrange a short visit to see if he could spot anything extra.

Hidden behind the chalet at the bottom of the garden, Jon discovered the drainage system off the roof was creating a massive waste of water on the north of the property in what he called the female side – the Tiger side. He immediately got excited and said that the run-off water should face the other way and preferably into water butts. He also gave me some great insights regarding my own health, which came from his previous practice as a dietary consultant and as a shiatsu practitioner.

Almost immediately the cash flow problem dried up! I can highly recommend him and find his caring and calm presence very reassuring. I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Jean and John, London

‘…I would not hesitate to recommend him. It is his experience, knowledge, and, from what I have seen, his incredible intuition and skill that I value.’

“I’m a television producer and live with my wife and daughters in Fulham, London.I was faced with two very important decisions that would affect my family and my career. One was the need to relocate my family to a new home, and secondly I needed to look for convenient offices closer to where I lived. I asked Jon if he was free to look at several properties with this in mind and give me his take on them all. From what he told me, he would be capable of viewing the properties briefly, taking some readings, doing some calculations and telling me on the spot whether any of the properties were viable for my needs.

As far as the office locations were concerned, we looked at three different sites. He took some 15/20 minutes to look at the property outside and briefly inside. On each occasion I gave him (as requested by Jon) a scale floor plan that I got from the estate agents.

Over a cup of coffee nearby he was able to tell me which one to go for and why. He also said that, should I want this particular office more thoroughly surveyed, to give me an indication of where to sit and what colours to use and how to utilise the space, he would be willing to do so.

On the house hunting front, he was amazing. Both my wife and I were very concerned whether the property we were looking at and very close to acquiring was suitable or not. On one level we were excited about the new home, but had some niggling doubts. Armed with a floor plan and an agent hovering in the background, he was immediately very excited and thrilled by the property. Outside later he was able to explain to both my wife and I why he thought the property was so lucky and what briefly we needed to be concerned about. We both gave an enormous sigh of relief and I would not hesitate to recommend him. It is his experience, knowledge, and, from what I have seen, his incredible intuition and skill that I value.”

John Cairns, London

‘…I feel that my future is bright and I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a property to ask Jon his opinion first…’

“I’m a professional musician with a well-known orchestra and am single and live in south-west London. For many years I have been a great fan, and indeed a devotee, of the 9 Star system of astrology.Among all the books on the subject, I find Jon’s fascinating, simple and very accessible. To my delight and surprise I found out that his knowledge of spatial Feng Shui was just as deep as his broad experience with 9 Star astrology is.

I needed to find a suitable flat or house in south-west London that would accommodate both myself and from time to time my mother when she was in London. I had a specific area in London I was looking at and a budget. I approached Jon and asked whether he would have a quick look at a number of properties and be brutally honest and tell me if any of them were suitable from his point of view.

Over the course of a month, we saw five different properties. On each occasion he had a floor plan that I had received from the agent, and took a good look at the property from the outside, noted where it was in the street, and then had a brief look around inside. He took various readings with his fascinating-looking Feng Shui compass and then disappeared in his car for ten minutes engrossed in what looked like rather complicated calculations. Without letting on too much, he asked if we could view the next property. On one occasion we viewed three properties within an hour and on another occasion, two.

It was the look on his face of excitement and thrill when he entered the home that I currently live in – it was rather like Eureka! I immediately knew that this was the property I was looking for. He certainly confirmed this after doing his calculations, and has been incredibly helpful and detailed in suggesting colours, layout and kitchen design for my new home. Once I had decided on this current property, he came back and gave it a more thorough survey and now my builders and architects are working alongside his recommendations.

I feel very reassured that Jon checked the property out. I feel secure here as a single woman and I feel that my future is bright and I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a property to ask Jon his opinion first. After all, for me it was the single biggest investment of my life, and I wanted to get it right. Thank you Jon.”

Katherine, London

‘…I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who is thinking of having anything Feng Shui’d.’“Jon Sandifer’s expertise as a Feng Shui consultant is proven by the results I’ve achieved in my business. When Jon came to be premises he spent a lot of time measuring the locations with the Chinese compass. Jon then produced a comprehensive report detailing several areas and where best to place certain items to gain the maximum benefit and also which materials to use to get the best from the location. I had no experience of Feng Shui before but have complete faith in it now. I don’t know how it works but it does.Jon suggested the layout of the building, the colours to use in particular areas and the materials to use, e.g. wood or metal. The effect has been amazing, creating a complete feeling of calm which is especially noticeable when entering the premises – this has been especially commented on by my customers. However, Jon doesn’t leave you there. I have asked Jon’s advice about certain situations and Jon can recognise when something has changed in an area. When I put it back to how it should be the problem is resolved. His expertise and dedication is brilliant.Jon also produced an extremely accurate Chinese horoscope reading for my son which was extremely accurate even though Jon had never met him.

I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who is thinking of having anything Feng Shui’d.”


‘…I really recommend your service and plan to ask you to come back to our office…’“I would like to thank you above all for the CARE that you put into your visit to our company. Not only did you put a lot of effort, but your care, detailed explanation and repetition really made us understand what you were seeing. This made the difference in being able to deal with the issues once you were gone.In the end, I can safely say that the information that you have given us has been very valuable in making us take action and make the tough decisions that will be creating a positive impact on our bottomline.I really recommend your service and plan to ask you to come back to our office to update things in due time.Best Regards,

R.T, The Middle East

‘…After all these years I regard Jon more as a friend or indeed as a member of the family… I would not hesitate in recommending him…’

“I’m a company director with two adult sons and live in Esher, Surrey.

I did a lot of reading about Feng Shui over ten years ago and actually attended one of Jon’s seminars on the subject in 1994. His knowledge of health, healing and 9 Star Astrology is superb. I have consulted him on a number of occasions over the years regarding Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology and have had him compile Four Pillars Astrology charts for all of my family.

On each and every occasion I was impressed by his thoroughness and concern for detail. He has a very cheerful and positive presence which my family and I have always found very reassuring.

Both of my sons run their own businesses and always consult Jon before they make any major moves, or acquire property, or when choosing a date to open a new branch of their business.

On too many occasions his predictions have been far too accurate. He doesn’t deal with it in a scary way, but simply in a more practical, down to earth and positive way. He always gives you the common sense options when faced with a dilemma.

After all these years I regard Jon more as a friend or indeed as a member of the family. He’s a delightful person with a lovely family and a real gem. I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Wendy, Esher, Surrey

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